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Spring Clean & Trying New Products

As we start to think about decluttering and Spring cleaning our home, don’t forget about your make up and skincare products!!

I’m often asked how to clean these items and I cannot stress how important it is to keep these things clean. Bacteria absolutely love warm damp conditions and make up brushes and pots of cream are the perfect place, especially kept in warm bathrooms! Remember anything on the brush will end up on your face.

Wash make up brushes – simply use warm water and shampoo then rinse out your make up brushes and keep on rinsing until water runs clear. Give brushes a good shake, pop them on a clean flat surface – I like to use a window ledge pre-sprayed with antibacterial spray. Leave to air-dry over night and wake up to clean dry make up brushes. I would advise to do at least once a month and store them in a clean holder! Don’t forget to wash that too!

Check use by dates – every skincare and make up product should have a ‘lid’ mark – this indicates the shelf life of your product from the date it was open. Try not to go past this lid date as ingredients in the product become less effective. This is a guideline and you should store make up and beauty products out of direct sunlight to keep them from going off. Also remember – never share make up, creams – double dipping from one person to the next encourages bacteria and if you are given a cream that has been opened how do you know how many people have used it before you or dipped their hands in!!!! Enough said!

Give make up bags, make up cases and storage items a clean with antibacterial wipes too and everything will last a lot longer.

Don’t forget to wash make up cloths or flannels every day – I pop mine in the washing machine and have a few face cloths on the go especially if you have a cleansing cloth. Remember dead skin cells are taken off by these cloths so they need to be cleaned.

Store make up neatly in little perspex boxes to keep them organised and clean and you can see what you have at a glance. I like to keep items together like lipsticks, eyeliners so I’m not hunting in a make up bag looking for something.


May Magazines are now out and there are some fabulous gifts to be found in the May issues – a great way to try out new products without paying full price and you get to catch up on new trends too! I like to keep smaller trial sizes products for when I am travelling to keep weight at a minimum – then I can pack more shoes!

Some of my favorites in the shops now are:

RED magazine – Rodial Mascara worth £24

Elle Magazine – Nails Inc nail polish worth £11

Harpers Bazaar- Miller Harris Perfume worth £13

Marie-Claire – Elemis Pro colleagen Marine cream worth £28

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