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Mother's Day

So did you get a time to relax on Mother’s Day? Mine started with breakfast in bed, a lovely relaxing shower using my gift of body wash and body cream beautifully packaged from The White Company, and then a quick pampering session. I was also spoilt by my children with these beautiful flowers in the picture above, a box of Dairy Milk, Best Mum Toate Socks and one of those little gift pack Mum Wine Glass with Rose sets - brings back memories of when I used to go with my dad to the shop to buy my mum specific mothers days gifts! Whats a Mothers Day without a box of Dairy Milk! Bless them!

I like to give my skin a deep cleanse at the weekend, so I used Neal’s Yard Frankincense facial wash, Honey and Orange scrub and then I applied a enriching facial mask.

Sit back and relax as the mask dries, the aroma is beautiful. Rinse off with a cleansing cloth and warm water to reveal hydrated bright skin!

I love Mothers Day as it’s a time of reflection. I juggle many plates every day being a mummy of two little ones and having my own business – It’s often a little crazy but rewarding at the same time – I think back to a time when I could sleep for 10 hours and it is funny that 4 or 5 seem a bonus these days! Its also a time to remember all mothers around the world, I think back to my own mother who gave me my first insight into make up back in the day! It is life’s influencers that make us who we are.

March was cold and snowy this year – funny old weather we are having in the UK – so I tried Sunday Riley Luna Sleep Oil that has Retinol in it – so you should wear an SPF during the day. I applied for 4 weeks and my skin initially had a few flaky areas but then my skin felt smooth and hydrated after. I think you would need to apply for longer but I was conscious that I was going on holiday soon to Majorca and did not want skin problems knowing I would be out in the sunshine. I would suggest using in the winter months so you are not tempted to lie in the sun as this could cause damage to your skin. Remember winter months can still have bright glaring sunshine so you should wear am SPF factor 50 of sunblock when using a Retinol treatment at night. Ultimately my skin felt good and I would use this product again.

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